WellWatch Appendix for Fractivism

WellWatch was an online platform for community monitoring of the oil and gas industry where people could find out information about wells near them and geographically tag and share notes and complaints about those oil and gas wells.  It was created by the ExtrAct group at MIT’s Center for Civic Media.

The results of WellWatch are described in Chapter 9 of Fractivism and in a paper I co-authored with sociologist Len Albright:

Wylie, Sara and Len Albright. 2014. “WellWatch: reflections on designing digital media for multi-sited para-ethnography.” Journal of Political Ecology 21: 320-348.

This appendix accompanies Chapter 9 of Fractivism: Corporate Bodies and Chemical Bonds.



Download  Appendix_Fractivism_WellWatch_Wylie_Sara