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Collaboration on Health and the Environment (CHE) 20 under 40 Pioneers in Environmental Public Health Award webinar. “These 20 pioneering researchers and advocates were nominated by a committee of senior leaders and luminaries in environmental public health.”

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For up to date EDGI coverage see here

Report: Trump admin scrubbed mentions of climate change from websites” Gregory Wallace, CNN. Wed January 10, 2018

Climate Web Pages Erased and Obscured under Trump: Critics of the new administration see a troubling pattern where information is hidden from the public” Scott Waldman, Scientific American January 10, 2018

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Scientists across the US are scrambling to save government research in ‘Data Rescue’ events.” Business Insider. Dana Varinsky. Feb. 11, 2017, 11:32 AM

Public Lab

For up to date Public Lab media coverage see here.

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Teach STEM Now: Turn a School Laptop into an Inexpensive Spectrometer – Al Chirinian, 1/5/2013 A DIY kite to determine if your water is contaminated – Emily Badger, 1/8/2013

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