Become a Gas Leak Detective


Utilities reported over 600 unfixed gas leaks in the city of Worcester in 2020. This project involves the development and deployment of family-friendly. distance-learning tools for monitoring gas leaks in the urban environment. Advanced in collaboration with local climate justice organization Mothers Out Front–Worcester, we explore three social science questions: 1) whether community-based monitoring can create more accountability for utility companies in the transition off fossil fuels 2) how the experience of looking for leaks shapes users’ perceptions of the natural gas system 3) whether engaging in Citizen Science builds skills and confidence for engaging social movement advocacy.

Project Website

Project Collaborators

Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff, Clark University

Ari Nicholson, Clark University

Mothers Out Front–Worcester

Dr. Kirk Jalbert, Arizona State University

Dr. Nathan Philips, Boston University

Dr. John Rogan, Clark University