From flammable tap water and sick livestock to the recent onset of hundreds of earthquakes in Oklahoma, the impact of fracking in the United States is far-reaching and deeply felt. In Fractivism Sara Ann Wylie traces the history of fracking and the ways scientists and everyday people are coming together to hold accountable an industry that has managed to evade regulation. Beginning her story in Colorado, Wylie shows how nonprofits, landowners, and community organizers are creating novel digital platforms and databases to track unconventional oil and gas well development and document fracking’s environmental and human health impacts. These platforms model alternative approaches for academic and grassroots engagement with the government and the fossil fuel industry. A call to action, Fractivism outlines a way forward for not just the fifteen million Americans who live within a mile of an unconventional oil or gas well, but for the planet as a whole.

About The Author(s)

Sara Ann Wylie is Associate Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Health Sciences at Northeastern University.
Available from Duke University Press

Fractivism Awards

Finalist, Association of American Publishers 2019 PROSE Award (Anthropology, Criminology, and Sociology section)

Winner, 2018 Diana Forsythe Prize, presented by the General Anthropology Section of the American Anthropological Association

Winner, 2020 Rachel Carson Prize, presented by the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)

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Fractivism Appendices

There are two online appendices for Fractivism which provide primary source materials which inform chapters of the book. The Landman Report Card Appendix provides copies of reportcards made by users of Landman Report Card, the WellWatch Appendix provides copies of reports made by users of WellWatch.

Landman Report Card Appendix for Fractivism Chapter 8:


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